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As simple as that.

Just another random name you went through today.
Probably won’t mean anything to you. Perhaps you’d like it, mostly not.

But be sure that, that name, the five letters that make it up, are so much deeper than you think.

within them, lays my story.
What I’ve been through.
The emotions, the awkwardness, the love, the anger, the hatred, the guilt, the satisfaction.
All me.
They carry beneath them what i am today, perhaps what i’ll be tomorrow.

So, here i am running away from real life & it’s unbearable formalities trying to find my lost self by expressing it’s suppressed feelings through writing.

You might like what i write, you also might not, that doesn’t really matter. What really matters is that i came out of my cocoon leaving my fear behind, not caring what people would think of me, insisting that the world would listen.

Because, i too, am an individual.
I deserve to be heard.


11 thoughts on “As simple as that.

  1. That was a really awesome first post you got there, deapite I’m reading this with one eye, I can see potential in you and you’re a very skilled writer for a first post!

  2. That was an excellent first post you got there! Despite reading it with one eye I can see potential in you salma, you’re a very skilled writer and your first post was the beat way to describe yourself

  3. Salma i admire your writings and your way of thinking and your creativity and originality in your pieces of what i would call art, go on with what you are doing and dont let anyone stop you or even slow you down, you deserve the best…three letters xD 5amsa Alf Sab3a

  4. Ur so brave to write abt ur personal experiance. smart in simplifying deep emotions into small words, and attracting the readers to keep reading. Gr8 beginning certainly will be following up ur posts.

  5. This is really good. Go deeper if you really don’t care what people think. Don’t worry about choosing the right english words, just break free n let it all out in any descriptive form even if it means using the F word.
    < 3

  6. Oh my God, my darling; I love what you’re doing here. Don’t let anyone stop you from expressing what you need to let out, your words are mesmerizing, your personality is like a lantern that shows the way to the most purist of hearts. I am so proud of you, my love. Show the world who you are, you do deserve to be heard, to be understood. You deserve the best, a person such as yourself should not only blog but express themselves in every form they can. You’re worth the time, the emotions, the faith.

  7. This is absolutely wonderful! I love your choice of words and the way you structured them too! Don’t be afraid to just write your heart out. Keep up the outstanding work, I’m already looking forward to the next post ❤

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