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May her soul rest in peace…

i lost the one person i never thought i will lose! May her soul rest in peace! 

If i could be granted one wish, i would without hesitation, and without spending a minute trying to rethink my decision, wish that Mahra come’s back to life.

Mahra, was my best friend for about 5 years. She was a that one true friend that stood by me, no matter what happened, and no matter what people said or thought about me. She never gave up on me, strongly believed i could achieve my dreams, and helped me get closer to my goals every day. She knew all my secrets, even the stupid little ones that don’t really matter, and won’t make any difference. She was the kind of friend i would sit with, without saying a single word, then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation I’ve ever had. She knew me so much better than i knew myself. She lifted my head when i was losing faith in myself, carried my tears on her shoulders, and tried her best to, as she might say, “Turn my frown upside down.”

And now, that she’s dead…

Now, that she’s gone…

everything changed.

A misunderstanding of agony, mixed with pure love is surpassing my thoughts every day.

Losing her was just  traumatic, something I will never forget, and perhaps never get over.

And now, even though 2 years passed since she passed away, every single part of me, refuses to believe the fact that I’m never going to see her again. Every single part of me misses her. Every single part of me believes i will never be the same, not as long as she’s gone.

Mahra’s death was a compelling chapter in the book of my life. Her death just blew off my storyline, and taught me the impending meaning of death, and how everyone, no matter how young and lively they are, will eventually die.

Everything is just meaningless without her around.

i met her as a stranger,

and took her as a friend,

i hope we meet in heaven,

where friendship never ends. 


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