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Behind a street window.

When you look outside the window,
you are not just looking at people.
You are looking at souls,
Souls that once felt hurt and neglected.
You are looking at faces,
that never had the courage to proceed.
Youth trying to peruse their dreams and turn them into reality.
People sick of playing games.
Innocent children with fragile minds that are not aware of the cruel world they are living in.
Faces hiding a dozen of untold stories within their facial features.

The street window…
Is the one responsible for most wake-up calls.
It is the one making us face reality and snap out of the ‘wanna-be’ bubble we created for our own-selves.

Few of us take the time to sit in front of that window and just watch.
Maybe contemplate what is it that is going on around them.
Few of us tend to take a quick look at the lives of the passers-by.
Few of us consume a little of their time trying to understand the different heart wrenching stories behind an old man’s wrinkles.
Maybe he is hurt?
Maybe he is in a struggle?
Maybe he is on the verge of breaking down?
You will never know…
And what’s really heartbreaking is..
He might be wishing you did.

Within the streets..
You will see many smiles passing by,
hiding crushed and damaged souls seeking for their chance to break free and become alive again.
Many eyes staring at the sky,
waiting for their opportunity to get noticed, and become able to share the million thoughts hiding in their heads.
Many people waiting for somebody to just listen, to show they care, to join the melody, and perhaps even live in it.

Here you are,
closed on yourself living a life muddied with technology,
striving to meet life’s requirements, forgetting a simple life going on behind your small windows.

Here you are,
going on with your life..
obliterating the fact that maybe one day,
you will be the one on the other side of the window.


6 thoughts on “Behind a street window.

  1. Ok im fed up from always saying you are talented and your writing is great, but seriously, i can read what you write for 5 hours and never get bored, god bless you

  2. I was smiling while reading it because you’ve used that style of yours. Idk I feel like it’s directed to me. It’s amazing×2.

  3. Not a single word in this wide dictionary would be able to describe your talent.
    It was flowing and i loved how the ideas were connected.
    The last paragraph gave me chills! And made me change my perspective about everything.
    I knew it was amazing before i read and you proved me right after i did.

    Waiting for your next post!
    All the best salma!

  4. I absoloutly love what you wrote up there♥️ i believe that you are a person with great potential and I am so happy to have you aboard with me in a journey to something great inshalah💕

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