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happiness_resizedA lot of times i wonder what is happiness?

That temporary feeling of joy that makes you feel like a bird spreading its wings trying to hug the sunshine striking its way through the clouds.

Then i realized happiness has no definition…
it is to be felt, not explained…

it lays within the elder’s tears of joy…
When one of their siblings does something, no matter how small it is, that made them feel proud.

Within a mothers’ smile when she first holds her baby..
That tiny fragile creature..
When she starts realizing..
That nothing..
In this universe
Can be as beautiful or delicate.

It lays within the eyes of that college graduate…
who just received his bachelors and realized that his hard work finally paid off.

It lays within that little girl’s smile..
When she cuddles with her father who just came home from a long working day.

It lays within acceptance…
It lays within the harmony of your thoughts…

Yes, no one has smiled as many times as they have been hurt..
But if you were never hurt, how will you know it when you’re happy?


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