Short stories

Bravery, Heroism, or Love?


Her midnight black hair was crashing over her shoulders as the sun light found a way to reflect its rays on it. Her rapture blue eyes, framed with long velvety eyelashes, were sparkling in sadness and grief, as they were staring at a wedding picture of her and her husband.

He looked like a fine man in his black Giorgio Armani suit. His Viking golden hair was shining under the sunlight, and his eyes were gleaming with delight as he laid it on her. Even an illiterate blind man could read how much love he had for her by just staring into his dreaming nomad blue eyes.

Memories started rushing by her eyes. She remembered the day he purposed to her in front of millions of people at the airport. She was coming back from a business trip in Argentina. She was surprised when she saw him in the airport sitting on a very long wooden brown chair holding his guitar singing her forever favorite song, “I wanna grow old with you” by Adam Sandler.

People started gathering around them, his singing voice was breathtaking. At that moment she felt like the only girl in the world. He approached to her, went down on his knees, and took out of his pocket the most beautiful ring there is. And in the most sincere voice he asked, “Hermione, will you marry me?”

People started clapping and some women even cried. It was like being in a perfect scene of a 70’s romantic movie. She did not smile at all, but she cried, in happiness. She said yes, they kissed. And each one of them, deep down inside, wished that moment lasted forever.

They had their dream wedding in the North Mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho. They invited a small group of people they loved and cared about. She wore a simple white dress and held a bouquet of red roses in her hand.

Their eyes met as she was walking down the aisle. Neither one of them could believe it. He felt like the luckiest man in the world, and she felt like her soul was flying in the sky from happiness.

Her saccharine sweet lips stretched into a smile, showing rather pearly teeth as he held her hand and his eyes started firing up with passion as he saw her smiling.

Memories are killing her now. She wished she could erase them all, and start where she never knew him. She tried shaking all those heart wrenching memories out of her head when her eyes drifted to an article in New York Times newspaper she had beside her.

Bravery, Heroism, or Love?” it was titled.

She held the newspaper and started reading,

“Can a lover die for his beloved one? Can he leave everything behind, and in a moment of true rushing feelings, give up his life for the one he loved the most? Can someone love another person enough to protect them even if they had to sacrifice their own life for it? Can a person love another person enough to compromise for them, and sacrifice their souls if they had to?

A man, named Jafri, was bringing his wife back from the hospital three days ago after making a quick check up on their child. They went into the house to find three gunned men stealing the house. One of the thieves, and in a very stupid act of fear, shot a bullet at the man and his wife.

Jafri, unconsciously, took the bullet for his wife as he was trying to protect her and their son. The three thieves jumped of the window leaving the wife, Hermione, in shock and disbelief.

I do not know whether to feel sorry for Hermione or happy for her. Sorry because she lost her husband, the father of her child, or happy because she was loved by a man who gave up his life to protect her.

Was it an act of bravery, or heroism, or both?  I truly do not know, but what I do know is that it was an act of true love.”

Hermione put the newspaper aside, she held her belly and whispered to her baby, “Your father will always be my hero.”


5 thoughts on “Bravery, Heroism, or Love?

  1. I like your stories its wonderful. It let you imagining and feeling the story as if you are seeing live. So go a head Salma.

  2. omg salmaaa, our amazing writer this is insane, I totally love it. Pls keep on amusing us with your fascinating stories..
    don’t let anyone put u down because you’re amazing the way you are.
    good luck huni<3

  3. :**( this very sad story. I really get into the story. I attracted to the story. Mashllah Salma you are just amazing

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