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Fragile, aren’t we?


Fragile, aren’t we?

We keep everything to ourselves. We hold our heads high all day, we accept the daily war with life even though the result is already resolved. We struggle while fighting for our rights and we never feel ashamed to show the world the scars the war resulted in. We get hurt but we continue being. We laugh despite all the pain we go through. We nod leaving out all the rejections. We know what we are worth all day.. but as soon as the night time comes, our tacky act comes to an end.

At night, ad while we stare at the coal black sky and its dark grey clouds moaning to despair. And while we listen to the moon’s sad melodies with the purity of our hearts. We sit with our real selves for the first time in hours, maybe days. And we realize that keeping everything to ourselves and acting strong had only made our hearts weaker.

It made our hearts fragile..

so fragile..

they would break over the most trivial reasons.


2 thoughts on “Fragile, aren’t we?

  1. Salma you are creative as always mashallah. I feel like what you are you trying to say that people never live their own life or the live that they should live. I totally agree with you. You explain the point very nice and deep. Keep going mashallah

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