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Don’t you think you deserve one big round of applause?

Life-Love-Quotes-You-Really-Hurt-MeAfter long days
You come back..
like it’s nothing..
like my tears didn’t matter
and my scars weren’t a thing..
You left me,
and went out rushing
and that didn’t hurt..
but sure did sting
All the emotions i bottled up..
after you went away
i wish i could just remove them..
and leave them to decay
Why don’t you understand
i am standing on the peak..
As i’m falling down
i do confess..
what doesn’t kill me
makes me nothing but weak..
Why did you do that?
Was it a joy to your eye?
Was it something you loved so much..
that in front of my tears
you did not even sigh..
I loved you
with all my heart
perhaps forever will..
But as i put my dignity above you..
you stand here very still..
Why is it that you men
come back when it’s too late?
Do you seriously think..
we’ll be standing here
waiting for you
and handed to you
on a golden plate?
have this in mind
Your love might be my weakness
the power that turned me blind
But all my weaknesses together
all of them combined..
made me strong
made me realize
who i am
and where i belong.
Your love to me was a one night pleasure
the most romantic drinking song
but my love to you
was an unconditional journey
something i’d live for
all life long
But as i think of this
and do all the maths
 I realize how much of a fool i was
and i stand here
in front of you
and it’s like the whole world’s watching
and someone just hit pause..
how stupid was i
to believe you
to look over your endless flaws
You were an actor..
a great talented one..
don’t you think you deserve one big round of applause?

One thought on “Don’t you think you deserve one big round of applause?

  1. Amazing!!!!!!!! “how stupid was i
    to believe you” thats really touched my feelings and remind me of somethin, keep it up ❤

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