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How would you like to feel?


Artwork by: Sultan Yousef Alharmoodi Twitter & Instagram: @Sultan_YH

Before you read this, I want you to let go of all what connects you to religion, customs, traditions, opinions, politics, perspectives and beliefs. I want you strip of all the layers that are holding you back from speaking the truth and supporting it. I want you to read this as a human being. I want you read this as a body, as a heart, as a soul, and as a mind, not as a Muslim or a Christian or a Jew. I want you to read this as a human. I want you to strip from all your beliefs and read this with your naked mind and truly answer my questions…

If that dead 3 years old was your daughter, how would you feel?

If that 16 years old boy who just lost his legs due to a bombing was your brother, how would you feel?

If that mother who is trying to huddle what is left from her wrecked house was your mother, how would you feel?

If that father running in the streets looking for someone to save his dying son was your father, how would you feel?

If that lady getting raped in front of millions was your wife, how would you feel?

If that girl looking for what is left of her parent’s body trails was your sister, how would you feel?

You turn a blind eye and act like all that is none of your business and go on with your life not caring about what people are going through, not giving a second thought that maybe if you did something about it, you can actually make a difference… how do you think that makes them feel?

If you were the one drowning in the rivers of blood every day, listening to the melodies of gunshots playing by your house every night, losing your loved ones for no reason but because they were fighting for their right to live… then how would you feel?

Our problem is that we got used to hate and killing so much that it doesn’t move us anymore. We are becoming breathing statuses. So many people are losing their lives while we are busy peeling our layers of humanity and throwing them to the nearest dustbin we can find. We simply just forgot how to feel.

I send my sincere apologies to you Gaza because I’m watching what’s happening to your people and your lemon trees and all I’m doing is sitting in front of my laptop writing a tacky wanna-be inspiring post that would probably not make any difference. But at least I’m trying and that is the best I can do, and I know that if I were there I would be happy that someone at least remembered me in their words and i would appreciate how they made me feel.

And you? what are you going to do? If you were them, how would you like to feel?





5 thoughts on “How would you like to feel?

  1. Great Salma. If I am there, I would fight for my right, and I would be proud and don’t care about the world because no one can help or support Gaza.

  2. Your world citizenship shines through your post and I love it! I’m following you now. Your request that we drop all labels and just be human was excellent as we have become so jaded that we don’t even think about what it must be like! Thank you!

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